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Supr is a secure, reliable, and scalable HR platform.  Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Was Supr designed for an ideal team size or number of users?
Supr was designed to support and scale teams that are big or small. Whether you're 30 people, 3,000 people, or anywhere in between, we bring teams together to optimize performance, engagement, and culture.

Supr is mobile first but does it work on other devices?

Absolutely! Supr was designed to work beautifully on any device while maintaining 100% functionality. Native applications take up storage on phones, create another hurdle for product adoption, and usually offer a fraction of the web version functionality. Supr is a progressive web application (PWA) that delivers the complete experience across all devices and installs just like a native app.

Can we customize Supr with our Company's branding?

We wouldn't have it any other way! Supr was designed to bring your company's brand to life. We have lots of space to customize with your company's logo, branding, videos, values, etc. And you're in full control of your company profile content--no custom code needed.

How long does it take to get a team set up and onboarded?

No lengthy implementations here! We can get you set up and rolled out in a snap.  As an example, a team of 30 people can be set up in 1 hour and a team of  3000 people can be set up within ~4 hours. All we need is a csv file with your org structure, locations, and relevant employee data. We do the rest!
Will you help us with the product rollout and training?
Yes! Customer success is an essential part of our mission and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your teams understand how Supr can help them move faster while creating alignment and transparency.  We develop a customized change management and implementation plan for each customer at onboarding.
How does pricing work and how much does it cost?
We offer two plans. Supr PRO comes with all features and is a no contract month-to month subscription. Supr Enterprise is for larger companies that want to white label and customize the experience flow. You can find full pricing details in the pricing section below.
Can we try it before we buy it?
We don't do trials because there is no contract, but we do offer a sandbox experience, which means that you can request access to play around in our demo environment for a few days before you subscribe.
How does tech support work?
Each customer is assigned a dedicated admin support representative as well as a dedicated tech support team. Users and admins can contact tech support directly through the app 24/7. Our service level commitment is to acknowledge all issues within 8 hours and typically resolve within 24 hours.

Transparent Pricing, No Contracts

Supr simply delivers incredible value for the price. We are confident you won't find a comparable product at a lower price. If you do, simply provide us with your quote and we'll beat it.

Supr Enterprise

For teams of 500 or more, we also offer customization and white labeling.

$ by quote

Supr Pro Plan

The complete experience, with all features, no contracts and no implementation fees.

$6per user/per month


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